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Salems Lott

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Stephen King is one of the most innovative horror novel writers of our time. And this suspenseful horror novel is guaranteed to send chills down your spine. King wrote this 439 page book in 1975 and it has since been a New York Times bestseller.

The story follows Ben Mears. An underachieving author who returns to his childhood home, Salem's Lot. He returns to write a book, or so he says to the people of Jerusalems' Lot. But the reader later finds out that he returned to conquer a fear that he has had since he was a child. While in the Lot, he stays at the Local Motel. Also while their Ben meets Susan Norton and Matt Burke. Ben says he wants to write a book about the Marsten House, an abandoned mansion. The house was home to a 30's gangster, Hubert or Hubie Marsten. After his suicide it was later found out that he was responsible for the deaths of several children. This is important later on in the book.

A new shop opens in Salems' Lot that sells and buys antiques. Mr. Straker and Mr. Barlow are the owners. But there is something strange. Only one of the Owners has ever been seen, Mr. Straker. The two business partners have moved into the Marsten house. And even more peculiar, several children mysteriously disappear. And the town seems to turn more and more into a ghost town after each night. Later Ben and the reader meet several characters. Matt Burke, Jimmy Cody, Father Callahan, Mark Petrie, Susan Norton, and Ben Mears come to the conclusion that vampires are the cause. And that Barlow is the one who started the whole thing. I will not tell you the rest of the story as I have probably already told you more than you should know.

I would definitely recommend this book to any horror novel reader. At the beginning, it starts off a little slow. But quickly picks up the pace. As I said above this novel will send chills down your spine. And the best part is, it is relativley short compared to other novels. I am 100% sure that you will love this book. It has everything a reader might want or need. Romance, horror, history, suspense, drama, and violence. I loved this book and so will you.



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