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San Francisco Estuary Ecosystem

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Essay Preview: San Francisco Estuary Ecosystem

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San Francisco Estuary Ecosystem

Arturo Jaime



San Francisco Estuary Ecosystem

The San Francisco Bay estuary is an incredibly unique ecosystem where you would expect it to be home to a large variety of species, simply because this ecosystem contains a large variety of attributes that make unique for some species. For example, this estuary is large in size it covers about 1600 miles however what makes this bay so interesting is the fact that most bays open up to the ocean like a giant funnel the San Francisco bay constricts to a mile distance at the bay opening. However the bay climate is unique hot during summer days and cold during the night allowing for excellent conditions for farming ,the estuary function as a sort of limbo for aquatic life with the ecosystem being semi-fresh and saltwater allows for an increase in productivity for a large variety of species and allowing them to thrive, according to (saving the bay a unique estuary)(2010).

Estuary Project

Due to the importance of the ecosystem and the species they make this bay their home, it is crucial that this bay stay protected from the pollutions caused by human activities. Therefore a project was considered by the environmental protection agency as a cooperative effort that would allow better management of this estuary and for the maintenance of the quality of the water According to SAN FRANCISCO ESTUARY PROJECT COMPREHENSIVE CONSERVATION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., 1994.” The Plan A Blueprint for Estuary Conservation and Restoration The CCMP presents a blueprint to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the Bay and Delta. It seeks to achieve high standards of water quality; to maintain an appropriate indigenous population of fish, shellfish, and wildlife; to support recreational activities, and to protect the beneficial uses of the Estuary”.

Population growth has played a negative role to the well being of this particular estuary in the various forms to begin a more substantial population means that there will be more trash and more significant demand for land and water, for the agricultural needs that come with a larger populace. However pollution in the form of drainage critically damages the bay in the increase of bacteria that comes from sewage drainage and the runoff pesticide or mercury from nearby farms or from mines such as we see in the Guadalupe River which ends up draining to the south bay according to (Mercury in the Guadalupe watershed (2017) “In the south bay, mercury is very prevalent due to the extensive mining operations in the New Almaden Mining District, located in Santa Clara County’s Guadalupe River watershed.” Which unfortunately happens to show how much impact the slight increase of the human population can severely alter the ecosystem in such a negative way. However, I believe that these consequences are a direct result from bad decisions



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