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San-Fransisco's Climate

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DATE: 7/11/2011


Due to the current events with in these cities structures this counsel has been advised to inform Urcity citizens to expand and further into the desert basin due to expansion.

Physical Landscapes and Climate report

The effects of climate change has reach into every corner of the world; places like San Francisco are especially threatened. An increase in temperature, rise of sea level, increase of storms and decrease of fog will test the limits of the city's infrastructure. The following will explain the Sanfransisco's climate has changed land structure that may change city and surrounding areas.

Fog is decreasing in the San Francisco bay area because of a reduction in the temperature difference between the sea and the land (wired science, 2011). The cool coast and warm interior is a signature characteristic of the local climate. Weather records show that the number of hours of fog has dropped by about three hours per day since 1901, and if the trend continues it could be catastrophic for coastal redwoods. (Wired science, 2011). This occurs because fog prevents water loss during the summer. The change in fog may not kill exsisting redwoods, but it will stop new trees from developing.

Ocean Beach, is located in Sanfransisco, the three-and-a-half-mile stretch of sand and dunes along San Francisco's rugged Pacific coast, faces challenges. Ocean Beach represents one of the first locations in San Francisco where the climate changes the land infrastructure. ( U.S. environmental government protection agency, 20111). The shoreline is subject to erosion, it will recede further as sea levels raise, exposing both natural and built resources to coastal hazards.

( U.S. environmental government protection agency, 20111) San Francisco faces difficult choices about how to control these climate effects while maintaining recourses.



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