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Scary Kippy

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Scary Kippy

        One day there was a scary big lion in the forest who named Kippy. He lived with her father named Mighty his father is a brave lion that hated humans because they killed his wife whose Kippy’s mother, even though her mother killed by bad people her mother always says that don’t hate humans because not all of them are bad. That’s why Kippy never have hate humans. Then one day kippy asked his dad if he can go for a walk in the forest.

        “Dad, Can I go for a walk in the forest? I just want to take some fresh air” Kippy said.

        “Okay, Kippy but don’t go anywhere beyond forest okay? There might some people over there just take care” Mighty said.

When Kippy did not notice that he went to far in the forest, when he suddenly heard something coming to him.

        “Oh, there’s a big lion over there guys it’s so scary it might be eat us don’t go near on that lion, we should call some zoo keepers to get it to put in the zoo” people said.

        “Oh, so many humans over there I think I should greet them and say hello to them” Kippy said.

        “Rawrrrrrrrr” (sound of Kippy saying hello)

        “Ohhhhh!! The lion is rawring to us we need to run now! throw some rock to that scary lion it will eat all of us!” people said.

        “Ouch! Why they throwing rocks to me and running from me? “I just want to greet them, I think they want to play with me, I should chase them”. Kippy said.

After that the people saw the zoo keepers coming to them and zoo keepers saw that kippy is chasing that people. Zoo keepers ready their weapons to capture Kippy, after that Kippy captured by the zoo keepers and put him to sleep.

“Oh, it’s so big lion and so scary too” zoo keepers said.

After Kippy captured by the zoo keepers, they went back to the zoo to put Kippy to cage. And suddenly Kippy woke up from the sleep.

“Where I am now? What is this place?” Kippy said.

Suddenly there’s a boy who named Jerald he is the son of the owner of zoo, he saw Kippy in the cage. When Jerald came near him and put his hand on Kippy’s head, Kippy rub his head into Jerald hands.

“Ohh you’re so sweet big lion, why they put you in the cage? I should release you there and return you in the forest” Jerald said.

“Thanks so much little kid” Kippy said.

“Rawr” (sound of Kippy saying thanks) while rubbing his head to Jerald.

“Ohh you might thank me big lion, Okay let’s go to the forest and bring back to your family again” Jerald said.

When Kippy released by Jerald, Kippy put Jerald in his back and run so fast to go back to forest.

But suddenly the zoo keepers saw the lion escape from the cage and saw Jerald in the back of Kippy.

“Ohh! The lion escapes from the cage, what happen? How he escaped there?!” zoo keeper said.



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