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Scratching the Surface

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Essay Preview: Scratching the Surface

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eIn the “scratching the surface “ essay, Andre Lorde states that black woman received threating phone and were beaten and raped by black men if they sought to come together around feminists concerns . There isn’t enough evidence given in Lordes essay to prove that these acts of violence where committed by black men however, if these accusations made are in fact true; then yes, I agree that these acts of violence against black woman as described in the two essays are similar in many ways and different in others.

Any act of violence is unacceptable and anyone who prevents a person from exercising their rights should be condemned.

In Aaron Talleys essay he addresses violent acts that were made against Renisha Mcbride , a 19 year old African American female who was involved in a car accident just minutes before her murder that sent her into a confused state in which she knocked on the door of 55 year old Theodore Wafers to ask for directions . Wafers than shot and killed Renisha McBride and wAs found guilty of second degree murder and carries A minimum sentence of 15 years and an additional 2 years because a gun was involved .

On March 21 2012 Another incident involving an African American woman named Rekia Boyd . Donte Servin , an off duty detective from Chicago approached a group of people near a park and asked them to quiet down One of the individuals, 39 year-old Anthony Cross, approached the officer. The officer claimes that he mistaken cross's cell phone for a gun . the officer open-fired, striking Cross in the hand and which up killing 22 year old Rekia Boyd as a result of a gun shot wound to the head . On Monday April 20th 2015 Dante Servin was found not guilty of the death of Rekia Boyd.

On July 2010, nine days after she prematurely gave birth to her youngest daughter; Marissa Alexander, an African American woman from Jacksonville reported that her estranged husband, Rico Gray, attacked her, strangled her, and threatened to kill her. Alexander tried to escape through the garage, but the garage door would not open. Alexander fired what she says was a warning shot, which hit the wall above Gray's head, and deflected into the ceiling.

AleXander was facing up to 60 years behind bars for firing a single shot that injured no one. Having to plead guilty to assault in exchange for credit for time served, Alexander was subjected to two years of electronic monitoring and house arrest, except for approved appointments and employment.



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