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Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties

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Essay Preview: Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties

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Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties


In moments, the horrific attack of Sept 11 smashed our feeling of invulnerability and discovered a protection obstacle of epic measurements. As our management rush into responding the attackers realizing that they must be defeated. Many determined that the risk people are experiencing was as opposed to any other in National record and that advanced techniques were required to protected our country, even if certain fundamental privileges were curtailed in the procedure. The law of Robert Jackson is a well-known statement that the Bill of Rights is not a "suicide pact" it has taken on a nearly talismanic significance since Sept 11.

The impulsive reactions to reach a new "balance" between freedom and security or as some have suggested, allowing the administration nearly unfettered energy during periods of war is in some feeling easy to understand. Three million not offending People passed away on Sept 11, a celebration that Al Qaeda's management have cautioned was merely a forerunner to upcoming, and perhaps more disastrous, attacks. Yet the Structure has lasted many risks, such as city insurrections and world conflicts. It is developed to operate during periods of turmoil, and only in the most exceptional circumstances does it think about congressional measures to install certain rights.


The protection of constitutional liberties need not, and indeed should not, divest the government of the administration bodies necessary to intensely apprehend terrorists at the house and overseas, prosecute them, and protect the birthplace. Although a variety of conditions in the USA PATRIOT Act have infringed on constitutional privileges, there is little conflict over most of the Act's provisions. For example the law offers useful new counterterrorism resources for police officers, financial specialists, and intellect companies in order to bring up to date regulations to indicate developments in technological innovation. Indeed, the decades since Sept 11 have proven the "choice" between freedom and security to be an incorrect one. Being secure and being no cost are not mutually unique.

The suggestions adhere to a structure of three core principles that aim to provide useful assistance for the chief executive and the legislature as they controversy our nation's reaction to terrorism:

1. Administration activities and established process should be as transparent as possible.

2. The administration should be attributed for its activities through our system of assessments and balances.

3. Methods performed by the administration should be narrowly tailored to the objective of improving our protection.




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