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Sex Education

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Sex Education:

Education is a fundamental right. I never would have thought that in the year 2010 I would be able to take classes such as Anatomy, World Civilizations and Computer Applications on a college level. Public schooling is a great resource for our children. I myself attend school in Spring-Ford School District. Our school curriculum is great; students need four years of English, three years of Social Studies / History, three years of Math, electives etc. One fact that most people overlook is that in our junior year we need a Health class. While Health class met for two days only of a six day cycle, we never covered the topic of Sex Education. Sex Education is in major need of being taught in our public school systems. Sex is something that almost everyone will experience before they die. Sex Education is a subject that has been debated for years.

Sex is becoming even more of an issue among young adults and now even preteens. Sexually transmitted disease is on the rise and is very unlikely that there will be a decrease. "Sexually transmitted diseases continue to account for significant morbidity in the US, despite considerable efforts of public health officials to promote safer sex practice (Sears)" Standards and quotes like this also show the high need of Sex Education. Even more of an issue is teen pregnancy has become so wide spread that we now have television shows that have high ratings. Look at who our role models have become: Bristol Palin, Jamie Lynn Spears, and many other teen moms who are celebrities. The media also has put sex out there in news, music and movies. Sex does sell. Even if parents do not want to admit that their teen is having sex, how can they ignore the fact that if proper education is not put into our teenage minds we are going to think everything is 'peachy' so to say? In reality we are putting ourselves in danger of infection, unwanted pregnancy, and loss of our dignity. Public schools are a safe haven for those who cannot talk to their parents. Programs such as SAP (Student Assistance Program) were put in place to answer personal questions that they could not find answers to anywhere else. Students trust teachers to give them the answers. They are there to learn. The fact that sex education is looked down upon is ridiculous. While in high schools around the nation there have been known cases of girls ages thirteen to eighteen getting pregnant. For those who have seen and spoken to these young girls some may have asked the obvious question: "Why and how did you let this happen?" These young women have said things such as never being able to get birth control for her and also it was hard for their boyfriend to get condoms without being hassled at local stores to purchase them. They wanted to be safe; it was just 'awkward for a girl to buy condoms'.

On the other hand, people will argue we are too young and too immature to be acting on these sexual impulses or desires. At most of the schools in American education systems there is a conversation or topic to be conducted in regards to Sex Education. "The 1st programs developed were knowledge centered, emphasizing the risks and consequences of sexuality. As a reaction to the biological approach later programs emphasized values with abstinence promotion and limited discussion of contraception." (Sears) Those who are opposed to the Sex Education class have a few reasons such as their faith which compels them to stop acting on our sexual desires. This is great



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