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Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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Essay Preview: Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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  • An Overview of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace in India (Established on July,2016)

According to Anita Deshpande (author), Sexual Harassment in India at the workplace is still very much in existence. It is growing with extreme speed and gives much concern to the authorities. Dominance of men at workplace should be put under stack by giving women an extra edge for promotions and other privileges and it will surely bring down the number of cases reported each year.

Other causes of sexual harassment are –

  • Male domination
  • Inferior job position
  • Aggressive masculine trait of male gender
  • Misperception about the friendly nature of women
  • Higher academic profile and lesser job opportunity

  • Gender Sensitisation – Equality of Opportunity in Indian Context (Established on October 10, 2016)

Dr Raj Shree, the author says that it is beyond doubt that gender discrimination is in existence for a long time. According to her, it is important to know that the inclusion of the concept of gender equality and making laws to remove it have a significant impact on the need to achieve the constitutional goal of an establishing egalitarian society. Ultimately, it is the change in social mind set. Education of both men and women will lead to change in attitudes and perceptions. It is not easy to eradicate cultural value that perpetuates discrimination. It is necessary that deterrent punishments are provided and enforced. A beginning has certainly been made in urban areas.

  • Gender Sensitisation and Education (Established on March 5,2015)

According to the author Shailly Barodia, the paper Gender Sensitization and Education concludes that awareness about gender equality is not only intellectual but also is broad-minded understanding to change one’s idea and limited perspectives and values. The empowerment of girls and gender equality have been used as a key words in education. Gender has been seen as a biological category (concerning girl only), isolated category. So the conclusion is that sensitization of gender can be effective, forceful and primary method or way to change the thinking process of students through formal education. Focus is mainly on breaking the stereotype notions in the society.

  • Sexual Harassment and Generalized Workplace abuse among employees: Prevalence and Mental Health correlates (Established on April 2014)

According to the author, men and women both are exposed to sexual harassment and workplace abuse. It highlights the public health significance of both harassment and workplace abuse, which are significantly associated with a diverse range of negative mental health outcomes. Moreover these patterns hold for both men and women. Interpersonal stressors in the workplace have effects on mental health. The range of outcomes encompassing distress and possible self - medication with alcohol and cigarettes suggests that harassment and abuse may create an emotional climate of self - soothing behaviours in victims, leads to serious psychopathy who tend to self - medicate when distressed. Also concluded that women are at a greater risk in the high occupational groups and men at a greater risk in the low occupational groups.



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