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She N He

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It was Christmas Eve again; it's their 'day'. After an hour drive from Cologne, Chris finally reached the Schwarzwaldstube. It's cold out there and she was late, like always. She walked as fast as she could into the restaurant and straight forward to an old man who was sitting alone apart from the crown. He is a Caucasian, late seventies, wearing a black spectacles with a casual clothes. He is a professor of English Literature in 15th century until 17th century; he works in her favorite university, University of Cambridge. He is waiting for her, given the proof that his eyes were starring the entrance ever since he sat down. He rise and pull the chair for her. After they have settled down, the manger came with their usual branded-wine and a Black Forest cake. They come to this restaurant once a year, every Christmas Eve since forty years ago, and order exactly the same menu they used to order.

She loves to have the dessert first. Just like the past, they chatted about their lives during this year, shared their late interests, and even gossiped about their old friends. But this year, they mourned, for an old friend, who had introduced them to each other decades ago. After the dinner, she drove back to her house with his accompaniment.

The next day, they dated again, every day until the New Year Eve. Finally he left. She never accompanied him to the airport, but this time she did. Maybe was because she has realized that there isn't much time left for her, due to the deterioration of her heart cancer. He knew about the sickness, so he decided to go back to the university to quit his job, pack his stuff, and come back here again. He swore to himself, this time, he would not let go again.

He is my grandfather while she is my grandmother. Unlike other usual couples, they never got marry with each other or anyone, neither engaged. I think maybe is because they have unusually success in their career. But there is one thing that I am sure about, at least my whole family does, which they are still in love with each other.

My grandmother was a cardiac surgeon, one of the top of the world, before her hands became shaky and her eyes were not clear. Now she was just a retired Medicine professor. My grandfather is very famous in his area, because not many one could be a professor at his late twenties, although he was not active this few years. They met each other when my grandmother attended her best friend's wedding at Germany.

That day, she was so tired. She wanted to miss it, but apparently her best friend would kill her if she does. So she had to get to there even after a 36-hours on-call and she swore to God that she would leave there just after she has made her attendance on the list. That was where and when she met my grandfather. My grandfather was the best man. They did not start romantically as my grandfather had accidentally left his wine on my grandmother's dress. It was very



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