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Shut up Crime

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Included in the report is the relationship of three factors: Globalization of the economy, increased numbers in the differences of immigrants and improved communications technology. A good example would be, the immigration of individuals does not necessarily cause an increase in crime. However in order to immigrate, some individuals do violate immigration laws and regulations which lead to exploitation by criminals. Transnational international crimes do cause an increase to crime in general: desperate socioeconomic conditions, the retaining of illegal goods and drugs and especially when suppliers are in one country and consumers are in another and unfortunately the universal greed for power and money (Finckenauer, 2000) Transnational Crime and the Legal Process of Innocence The intent of criminal justice is to prosecute those who commit a crime in a transnational arena when the evidence is overwhelming .. Because of this element, international politics become involved in combating transnational crime. From an international perspective, transnational crimes can be seen as a major source of crimes that later on can form into international crime. Transnational crimes spread certain crimes to other regions where they did not exist. Small gangs or drug suppliers can begin to expand due to the profit being supported by the transnational crime organization. Terrorist groups can recruit peopleIn our world, it's obvious that there are things we never really see. For instance, we don't know how lots of things are made, what people do behind closed doors, and never really want to find out. However, there is something that happens right in front of our noses and we never know it. Organized crime is the one thing that we don't know about that happens right out in the open. That pizza joint you go to that's been around for years, and then burns down when it starts to go under; or those people that look all innocent and then go and do something a little suspicious. to their cause and buy arms to fund their attacks....



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