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Silly one Act Play

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Essay Preview: Silly one Act Play

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Dylan and Marissa meet for the first time and dislike each other immediately. She's cheerful, organized and optimistic. He is a complete slob and a brooding pessimist with a grim sense of humor. Not long after meeting they are stuck with each other on a long trip from St.John's to Corner Brook. To pass the time Dylan asks Marissa to tell him the story of her life.

MARISSA: "My name is Marissa Zink, but you already knew that. I was born in the big apple but moved to St. John's when I was 6 years old."

DYLAN: "Boring! Let's stab forks in my eyes"

MARISSA: "Could you shut up Dylan? I don't want to be in this car with you either and Its almost a 10 hour drive, please let me start and finish the story"

DYLAN: (Shot her a glance) "Continue on"

MARISSA: "I got here in April, the snow was a blanket on the ground, it was chilly. I enrolled in grade 2 at Bishops Abraham. I went right up through school, now I'm a senior in high school, On the cheerleading, Soccer and rugby team. I also take dance and work every second Sunday at Cole's, I just turned 18 last month and aged out of sea cadets this month."

DYLAN: "Geese, Girl you do a lot."

MARISSA: (Giggles a little) "I know, I'm always so busy. I love it!"

DYLAN: "When's your senior prom"

MARISSA: "June 29th, it's kind of late (Grinning)"

DYLAN: "Yeah, it is late why are you going to Corner Brook?"

MARISSA: "Visiting friends, I might look at shoes for my dress and also look at the university"

DYLAN: "Oh, what colors your dress?"

MARISSA: "Ruby red, with rose's going down the front"

DYLAN: "Sounds nice, ha" ("Ugly" under his breath)

MARISSA: "I heard that, jerk"

DYLAN: "Truth Hurts"

*15 Minutes later*

DYLAN: "Are you hungry?"


DYLAN: "Finish your story"

MARISSA: "So after prom, safe grad, schools over for summer and I'm heading to MUN in St. John's to become a nurse and I'll probably go to some 3rd world place and treat them to the great healthcare us Canadians have. That's my life story in a nut shell"

DYLAN: "How nice" (sarcastically)



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