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Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management

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Essay Preview: Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management

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Module 1 - Session 12: Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management

Forum Discussion #1

TOPIC: Consider the Shister article, "Supply Chain Saves the World." Can SCM "save the world"? What do you think? Be honest; don't just post what you think the coach wants to read.

Its difficult to explain, if Supply chain can save the world.

All by itself? Not at all. But other aspects of making the world a better and great place to live in, then yes, supply chain has great potential to make planet earth a great place to live for couple billion years for sure. I would like to take little different approach. As mentioned in article, “21st century is not about globalization… it s about inter-dependence and that interdependence start when developed countries start showing interest in uplifting of those still called “developing” and “under developed” countries instead using those countries just as a source of cheap labour. As Neil shister article says, “Intelligence and hard work are evenly distributed throughout the planet, what isn’t evenly distributed is opportunity and the capability to seize it. Such imbalances make the world unstable and unequal.” 

As O’Mara argues in one of the articles, Supply chain people are doing what no one else can: spreading the wealth. Scientists and engineers may find the molecule, material or mechanism that delivers goodness, but [the] supply chain gets it to everyone in volume.”

Along with this great hope come from the next generation. Today’s kids can do what expert with longest experience may not achieve. Kids care about the future. They care about their surroundings and their future.  They are keen to learn new things and have very good hands on technology. I believe that the more and more we collaborate the Supply Chain with modern technology, more and more beneficial it will become to world.  The generation of millennials and elementary school and collage going kids are the future of this planet. By giving them tablets and internet equipped gadgets (IoT)  they care more about the  awareness of climate change, poverty and brotherhood and all the big issues, if put together and getting solved then it might finally change things for supply chain management.

Module 1 - Session 12: Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management

Forum Discussion #2

TOPIC: In the context of your organization, identify a specific social responsibility issue. Who are the stakeholders concerned about the issue? Describe the issue in terms of the ISM Principles of Social Responsibility.

Hi all,

I work with multinational food and beverage company and it has made the following commitments towards society.

My company is committed to treating the world, its resources and people with care. Since last 150 years has been serving the world by making food people love and below are the areas that we are focusing on:

  • Human Rights: We launched our Policy on Human Rights, updated our Supplier Code of Conduct and signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles.
  • Climate Change: My organisation rook concrete steps to protect our planet by addressing climate change and water use.

  • Sustainability: Continued to make progress toward our commitment to sustainably source 100 percent of our 10 priority ingredients by 2020.
  • Ethics: Delivered on a 2010 commitment to lower sodium in our top 10 categories that contribute sodium into the diet and eliminated artificial colors and flavors in our cereals.
  • Water Stewardship: As a global food company, water is critical to our business. We collaborate with others to protect water quality and supply that benefit our growers, communities and the environment. During 2015, we: released the and progressed five of our eight priority watersheds to Phase 3 in our four-phase transformation process to sustainable water use and Joined Connect the Drops and signed The CEO Water Mandate.
  • Work Place: My organisation is committed to putting people first, every day. Our strategies includes, MAINTAIN a safe workplace BUILD a strong workplace culture RESPECT, develop and invest in employees. We reduced our global total injury rate to 1.34 injuries per 100 employees in fiscal 2014, down from 1.62 in 2013. Our ultimate goal is zero injuries and illnesses.
  • Diversity: My organisation is committed towards great diversity at work place Board of Directors includes 27 percent female directors and 18 percent who are people of color. Our U.S.-based workforce includes 39 percent women and 21 percent people of colour.

Module 1 - Session 12: Social Responsibility in Supply Chain Management

Forum Discussion #3

TOPIC: Draft a statement of social responsibility for your organization. Post your statement in the forum. When you're done, review the statements of other candidates and provide feedback to 2 or 3 of them

The social responsibility statement for my company would be “Built around four pillars that we have aligned to our business strategy. – Health, Sustainability, workplace & Community.  Our devotion to community and planet drives the way we give back and do business.”



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