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Starbucks Corporation Case Study

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Due to a growing sense of public attention for the breastfeeding accidents happed in sub brunch in Silver Spring, Maryland, I, communication manager of Starbucks Corporation, would like to analyze the problem from a potential communication crisis view and propose some recommendations for breastfeeding issue from both long term and short term perspectives.

We are facing an unexpected and sudden issue in one of our Starbucks coffee shops in Silver Spring, Maryland now. While a mother is breastfeeding her baby in our coffee shop, she was asked to relocate by our employee because some customers feel uncomfortable to see her breastfeeding. The mother has adopted many kinds to ask women to protest against Starbucks and require Starbucks to legalize breastfeeding in every shop in the nation. This issue has spread out rapidly and drawn negative public attention now. Starbucks should take their best effort to minimize the communication crisis which may affect the reputation as well as the revenue of the company.

Critical Issues

There are several critical issues we should be aware of and concerned about before we come up with any solution to this problem. First, the appropriate way we communicate with the breastfeeding protestors. Second, a consistent breastfeeding policy across nation while different states having different laws regarding breastfeeding issue. Third, the associated cost of adopting certain changes to the policy. Fourth, the efficiency of implementing certain policy from top management to front line workers, namely the efficiency and practicality.

Audience Factors

Moreover, it is crucial to stand from different points of views and take various audience factors into consideration.

* Board members

* Protestors

* Customers

It is essential to notify their customers about the emphasis and efforts Starbucks has contributed, minimizing the potential loose on customers due to this breastfeeding communication crisis.

* Business Partners and Retailers

Starbucks may also want to address to their current corporate retailers to maintain their business partnership.

* State Legislators

As a violation of State legislations, breastfeeding issue has damaged their reputation. Starbucks also want to notify law legislators that they have adjusted their policy to follow the State Law.


There are several feasible plans could be implemented to solve this troublesome issue.

1. Breastfeeding Policy: Starbucks should come



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