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Stem Cell Research

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Prior to Friday's debate, I never really had a position on Stem Cell research. During the debate, however, I felt the Pro- Stem Cell group had much more compelling arguments. They argued that Stem Cells have the potential to cure many diseases that are currently incurable, like cancer. The Con side tried to diminish this argument by saying there is a lot of risk involved. Well, I believe there is risk in everything. I believe the potential millions of lives a stem cell research study may save well outweigh the risks involved. Certainly there are the ethical issues involved with using embryos. I believe that if an abortion occurs for example, we should try to make something good out of that, even though abortions are an evil thing in my opinion. Some people believe that we are supporting abortions if we use research from those abortions. I don't believe this argument because people who have abortions don't go home and think good about themselves for supporting stem cell research. Similarly, abortions are never "planned." That is, pregnancy is not planned if an abortion occurs. Abortions occur because of accidental pregnancy, not because of a desire to support stem cell research. For this reason I think it is ethical to use embryos from abortions for stem cell research. On the other hand, I do not find it ethical to use embryos that were fertilized in a laboratory setting for stem cell research. I view this as the intentional killing of an innocent human being. There is nothing that can deny this fact in my opinion. Yes, it's used to benefit others; but imagine if that was supposed to be you one day! You are being denied your right to life. Although abortions fall under this category as well, abortions are different because the intent of the couple was never to get pregnant, and they have the choice by law to have an abortion.



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