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Steven's Brilliant Idea on a Zombie Script

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Essay Preview: Steven's Brilliant Idea on a Zombie Script

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this is going to sound really really crazy but go with me here.

...= nick or julian (your choice)

Have all of the people in the zombie scripts meet up somewhere (I dont really care where).

Have them find a gas station that has no gas any more. Have them decide to set up camp in

store for a while. Have about 30 zombie come and attack the store. But before that have

them find that there are very strong dead locks on the door's. There are 3 doors to get in/out of the

store. Have this big fat crazy zombie,very hairy, fat, crazy, zombie, bald, ugly. Come and break i

into the store becuase they forgot to lock one of the doors. Have nick or julian find a

tire iron and start hitting the fat ugly zombie dude over the head with it. Finally have ...

the ugly zombie come to his senses (as if ... had beat the zombie out of him) have ...

continue to beat him until Emma comes and calms down .... Have the rest of the crew drag the

dude out of the store and have them double check that all of the doors are locked. Have them

find that theres a whole in the dead lock and in the door frame that they can stick something

meatle and hard in to make it so its impossible to move the dead lock with out pulling

out the stick first. Have ... and emma take a look at the tire iron and have them find out

that while ... was hitting the ugly zombie with the tire iron that it made the tire iron

maluble and able to bend. Have the crew touch the top of the ugly zombie dudes head and find that

there is a huge dent where julian kept hitting him. Have ... and emma in the bathroom together

to talk about why ... hit the zombie dude so many times. (have this be a sensitive and

heat felt moment) Have ... tell emma that he used to be tortured or teased because he was

deathly afraid of zombie when he was a little kid and that all of the fears are coming

back to him because of all that hes gone through in the past scripts. Have all of the crew

decide to bord up the very few windows that are in the store ( make the store some kind of

store like QT or something and have it be right across the street from a bank). Now have



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