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The Outsider Script

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Pony boy shaking like he had a seizure or he had been attacked by a monster trying to kill him.

Johnny was stretching his arm by the window looking at the sunrise when he heard pony boy voice..........

Johnny: it is me, Johnny.

Pony boy: soda, (yarning) I had the weirdest dream.

Johnny touched pony boy on his arm.

Pony boy: aahhhhh........

Pony Boy: you scared me to death,ah

Johnny: soda is not here.

Johnny: Are you alright.

Good morning pony; (in a tired voice)

Pony boy: I guess, is just that there is a spider bothering me all night (with anger) why....

Johnny: Nothing, never mind (with a sigh)

Pony boy: (took a deep breath, thinking in his mind )

I miss soda and darry, my bed, my delicious breakfast, how they wrestle me off the bed, telling me too get ready to go to school.... (with a sigh).

Johnny: pony, pony, pony by.

Pony boy: uhh

Johnny: I was thinking, we need a plan to survive in this ....creepy church.

Pony boy: okay, what is the plan?

Johnny: firstly, we have to change our image and identity.

Pony boy: how do we do that?

Johnny: Easy, we will figure something out before dally comes.

Pony boy: let go to the convenience store, then

Jonny: we will buy grocery food and a dye and a blade.

Pony boy: this better not be what ........

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