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Story of an Hour Written by Kate Chopin

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Essay Preview: Story of an Hour Written by Kate Chopin

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"Story of an hour", was written By Kate Chopin, is a story of a beautiful young wife with a heart condition that was told her husband died in a tragic accident. This was a time women were married for status and not love. Does she feel pain and remorse, or relief from being a prisoner of marriage? Mrs. Mallard first felt an ounce of remorse of his death when she received the news from her sister Josephine and her husband best friend Richard. They gave her the news in the easiest way possible. To have to live a life without the person you vowed to live the rest of your life with, for some is the most unthinkable. Was it the most unthinkable for Mrs. Mallard or the best news she received since she became Mrs. Mallard," the name after a female duck?" Without family knowledge, she lived the life as a wife but not a person for many years. For the first time in a very long time she can finally have the chance at life. She later learns her husband is still alive. Should she be relieved or disappointed? Instead of being grateful that the man she vowed to love honor and obey did not die, she instead suddenly dies.

What type of wife was Mrs. Louise Mallard? The time was the 1800's where the wives spoke when they were told and had no say. They were even given to their husbands by their parents in many cases. Working and exploring the world was unheard of. It is very possible Mrs. Louise Mallard felt trapped in a marriage she did not love or want. How would Mrs. Mallard act upon her sisters and husbands best friend news that her husband had been killed? None of their family and friends felt she was unhappy. She acted, performed, and appeared as a loving wife every day. Mr. Mallard's friend wanted to make sure before giving her the news. Once he received the telegram, then he and her sister, informed her very gently. She wept for a moment and asked to go upstairs alone.

It was expected for a wife to be in great pain and despair. To request to be alone was understood. For a split second she felt remorse. She then thought and made the statement I loved him most times. At that moment, that statement being made she realized she was not in love with husband the way a wife should. She sat in her chair at the window and saw such beauty before her eyes. She could smell the rain and see the wind blowing the top of the trees. The birds hummed a song that she could feel inside of her. She was going in motions and looked upon the clouds and saw many things within her mind. She was experiencing so many emotions at once she did not know what to do. She wanted to explore the world. She wanted to know what it was like not to have to take care of anyone but Mrs. Mallard. She was indeed unhappy.

She made the statement," I have to weep for once more," if not everyone will think ill of me. She stated "I will look upon the arms of death folded", it will be a face of saved but never loved by her. She had decided



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