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Strategic Marketing

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Essay Preview: Strategic Marketing

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How to develop a global segmentation strategy?

 Based on geographical segmentation (a country-based classification system) for categorizing international markets.

 Firstly, Cometa needs to consider: Legislation

Which countries allow gambling, markets where the company should concentrate its resources on. Ignore countries where gambling is forbidden.

 Using the business portfolio matrix to divide markets into markets.

- Primary markets with best opportunity for long-term strategic development.

Ex: European (UK, France, Spain); China - Hong Kong, Macau; Singapore.....

- Secondary markets with high political and economic risks, risky long-term commitment.

Ex: Africa (South Africa, Egypt, Lybia....)

- Tertiary markets with minimum resources, commitment & no research.

Ex: Japan; Vietnam....

 Country attractiveness

- Market size: large or small

The number of gamblers is high or not.

- Market growth: Ensure the stable increase in sales for about 5-10 years.

- Gov't regulations

Where gambling is legal it is very extensively regulated with the purpose to keep out criminals. Regulations on gambling licence/ gambling advertising.

- Economic & political factors

GDP per capita, the rate of inflation.

The political status is stable or not.

 Demographic segmentation

- Age, gender, income level, social class and education

Ex: Focus on Male & Female also because the research showed an increase in the number of women playing mobile gambling games. They are from 18 to 35 years old: legal age, have high demands on playing gambling.

 Behavioral segmentation

- The attitude of people to gambling: accept or not, consider it legal or illegal.

- The customers' loyalty to the company.

Global Trade involves exports and imports. Export trade relates to export of goods and services. All the countries are interested in promoting exports. For the global gaming market the challenges that face an organization wishing to maximize their international gaming revenue fall into two broad categories: strategic and tactical.



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