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Stress Coping Screed

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I would like you to take some time for yourself now. Do make yourself as comfortable as you can. Sit back and make sure your body is fully supported. You might want to move around a little bit to find your perfect position. Just make sure you feel completely comfortable. Take a deep breath. And again. Focus on the air getting into your body. Whenever you are ready close your eyes, and just listen to my voice. As you follow my instructions, you will enjoy a very pleasant and relaxing experience. Take a looong deep breath  and when you let it out ... slowly... just let your body relax... just relax as far as you are comfortable... Breathe in… and breath out… in and out… focus on the oxygen as it travels all the way to your lungs… in… and out… And now take another deep breath... and this time when you release it ... just release all the tension in your body... and just allow yourself to relax completely... Breathe in... and exhale... As you exhale you release all the tension from your body and from your mind and the deeper you go, the better you will feel…just focus on my voice and let it guide you through this peaceful journey. You can feel a warm ray of light that from the top of your head irradiates through your whole body…. Enjoy this warm sensation for a second, as it spreads down to every muscle. The warmth of the light is now reaching your jaw and your lips, and you feel that you can relax those too. Let that light travel through your body, as you feel that it completely relaxes you, and you perceive your mind drifting away, into deep relaxation… sloooowly spreading dooown to your arms,  doooown to your chest and legs… You can peacefully relax calmly into deep relaxation… you know, you feel that the deeper you go, the deeper you want to go... Let this peaceful, deep relaxation flow to your back, releasing all the tension with its warm, quiet spell. as you feel your body drifting, floating, into a deeper relaxation as The deeper you go, the deeper you… want to go

you are now relaxing every muscle in your body, feel all the muscle in your body relax… deeper and deeper… as you sink into your chair…Your entire body and your mind are responding to the idea of relaxation and it’s so enjoyable to let go completely, deeper into peace… and quietness…

As your body and your mind relax you can picture yourself in your special place.. surrounded by a feeling of peace… your whole mind is at ease and you are going deeper and deep …waaay down into your special place…

As you enjoy this state imagine to hold a fine string. On top of this string you can see a balloon, floating in the air. You can put all of your worries, all of your fears in that balloon. Look at it, gently floating in the wind. It can be of any colour, of maybe it has not colour at all, but it contains all of your fears, all of your worries.. you can feel the string in between your fingers… look at it and when you are ready, let it go. Open your fingers and let the balloon fly away from you, and as you do, think of the word PEACE. Think of it three times… Peace… peace… peace… watch the balloon fly away, high in the sky, and its far now, so far its like a little dot… and then it disappears in the sky, you are not longer able to see it.. peace… and from now on, whenever you feel stressed, or worried, and if it is safe to do so, I want you to repeat this word, peace, and you will experience the same feeling of relaxation that you are experiencing now…



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