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Student Centered Learning

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Student centered learning focuses on the student instead of the teacher. The difference between student centered learning and teacher centered learning is that in teacher centered learning, it emphasizes the transfer of knowledge from teacher to student. In student centered learning, students might choose what they want to study and get rid of what they believe they already understand or immaterial. Student centered learning encourage the students to be more active to find the information they need and the teacher act as a facilitator. Students become more responsible for their learning and be aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it. it could increase students' curiosity and make them feel less pressured to seek more information regarding what they are studying. Because students are more responsible for what they learned, they can be more confident on the knowledge they gain. Students tend to do the best they can do in terms of learning and it would create such vibrant atmosphere to motivate not only themselves but also others.

In my opinion, student centered learning would be interesting and exciting because students have to be active in the learning process. But I prefer to adopt a mixed system because student sometimes also need the transfer of knowledge from the teacher. The concept of students might choose what they want to study is logical, but there should also be curriculum standard of what courses that students have to take. To support student centered learning, school must also provide adequate facilities such as library, computer and internet connection. Appropriate technology can help students to access broad learning resources. Teachers should also be aware that each student is unique and they have a number of different ways to understand the lessons.



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