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Students Grades Issue Case Study

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Essay Preview: Students Grades Issue Case Study

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I think that grades have a positive effect on students. Some students consider that grades not only make students' competitions overheat but also destroy their relationship. However, grades are the most precise method to measure students' abilities. First, students are motivated by grades. Secondly, students can experience competition in advance.

First of all, grades can inspire students on positive effect. Some parents think that grades can decrease students' confidence. However, students can build up their confidence by improving their academic abilities little by little. With increasing grades, most of students will feel satisfaction. There's a proverb that says "optimistic mind gives person achievement from tiny task." I think this means person who has optimistic mind can feel achievement through tiny work. I have personal example when I was freshman in university. I received my mid-term scores poorly in chemistry. However, I was not disappointed and studied hard by inspiring from the scores. So, I got better scores in final exam. Gradually, I was ranked high level in senior. As a result, grades can affect students positively.

Secondly, students will undergo intense competition in advance. Nowadays, there are many competitions wherever people go. Competition is natural circumstance. By experiencing it, students can adjust much more in society. There's a proverb that says "You do better face your difficulties as early as possible." I think this means the earlier you can experience, the better you are. My brother is perfect example when he was senior in university. He underwent intense competition to get good grades. This is because many companies employ students who have good grade in university. Naturally, he was focus on studying whenever he took an exam. His situation was not different after he got a job which was salesman. Salesman demands fierce competition. However, he could easily adjust in the companies because he survived in intense competition. For these reasons, students can acquire good skill to adapt society through grades by experiencing competition.

I assert that grades have a positive effect on students. Grades can be stimulant to students. Also, trying good grades serves as prerequisite to adjust in intense competition.



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