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Supply Chain - Strategic Initiatives That Deliver Value

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Essay Preview: Supply Chain - Strategic Initiatives That Deliver Value

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Strategic Initiatives that Deliver Value


Comcast should use a "What-if analysis" to help explain the call center production and where calls are transferred as well. But the question the company should ask is "If a consumer calls for any type of problem including disconnection, where will they be routed". The information attained can help see where all the calls are being directed and come to a conclusion whether or not the calls are being handled properly.

The information that is attained can be used in something called Data mining. This can gather the information of all the calls and help assess how efficient the call centers are overall. The information then can be put into the data warehouse, where calls from all the call centers can be accumulated to get a more specified report on how successful these call centers are on being efficient with the customers. The Business Driven Technology Book explains "Data-Mining software typically includes many forms of AI such as neural networks and expert systems. Data-mining tools apply algorithms to information sets to uncover inherent trends and the patterns in the information, which analysts use to develop new business strategies."(1). Because of technology like this Comcast can become more efficient in less time and also re-evaluate the company as a whole to make future plans to benefit the well-being of the company.


The Supply Chain Management for Comcast in this case would not be very large because this is mainly to do with the customer service versus the actual distributing of the products. The supply chain in this case would be from the Customer to the Call Center Representative and/or Retention Representative. But the idea is to cut the Call Center Rep from having to answer calls that they have no control over and to just send them properly to the Retention Rep.


ERP is broken down into three phases: Reporting, Analyzing and Predicting. The Reporting would ask the question "how many calls are being improperly transferred". The Analyzing would be "Why are these calls being transferred improperly". And predicting would be "Will the customers leave because of this carelessness". All of these phases will help assess the company call center and help gain knowledge of what can be done to minimize this error and make the customers experience more pleasant.



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