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Supply and Demand Paper

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Essay Preview: Supply and Demand Paper

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In the world of economists, there are two important factors that set certain principles within the system. These two elements are Law of Supply and the Law of Demand. In economists, it is usual to use graphs as a way to reveal what is being talked about as well as showing the effect of what is going on with the product.

Suppose there is a momentous change in dealing with consumer preference in buying a computer. Many consumers now are suddenly having a major craving for a new style computer. This change may deal with the size are the different benefits that comes along with the computer. There may be other alternative computers that have gotten more expensive, or the makers of these certain type of computer may conduct an effective adverting strategy that is gaining more interest. The fact is regardless of the reason; the enlargement in demand is a result in a greater quantity at a meticulous price level.

There are many factors that can affect the changes in the demand and supply when purchasing a computer. One of the biggest factors is the effect of the nation income, when it falls the demand of computers falls as well. Another factor such as the price of another computer as well shifts the demand for a certain type of computer. Along with this factor, the improvement within technology will as will increase the supply of computers; this also includes all the necessary products that help complete your system. This can be equilibrium with a competitive market, at certain current market prices, some numbers of units that consumers want to by may equal the number of in which the unit producer wish to sell. In order words, this mean that market equilibrium will come about when this product quantity demanded equals quantity supplied.

There are as well other substitutes that also affect the supply and demand of computers. One of these factors is smart phones. This very high tech end mobile phone that unites different functions deals with personal digital assistant. Can access and display all standard websites with the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. This substitute in some way cost less to obtain, than it is to buy a high tech computer. Another substitute that affects supply and demand of a computer is the iPad. This factor is smaller than a normal computer, and can be stored in many different places. It as well has the capability of accessing Wi-Fi. With these to high tech products on the market the supply and demand of computers, are on an economist rollercoaster.

In understanding, technology there are order match that consumers can use instead of buying a computer is the same two one of the most use one now is the IPad. Like the Iphone and IPod touch these products are controlled by a touch display, the onscreen keyboard gives a far better technology then the conventional computer. In explaining the essential and especially the base requirement



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