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Swott Analysis and the Balanced Scorecard

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Essay Preview: Swott Analysis and the Balanced Scorecard

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Any business has to consider the factors and information that exists when starting a business. Information that is derived from the SWOTT Analysis and the Balanced Scorecard are among the most vital when obtaining the goals and aspirations of any business. This is the purpose of this essay, to highlight to the reader the outcomes of the analysis and Scorecard and the affects they may have on the Frogman Swim Academy.

Frogman Swim Academy has recently finished a SWOTT Analysis for the company and has been carefully reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as well as the other aspects. Now a Balanced Scorecard is in order for the company to help obtain its goals in the future. "The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals"(BSC 2010). The four basic portions of the scorecard are the Shareholder Value, Customer Perspective, Internal Operations and Learning and Growth. Looking at the shareholder point of view, when looking at the possible market share for the swim school, swimming education is a multi- billion dollar industry and holds many opportunities for the company. Revenues are very low due to the low overhead approach of renting pool facilities instead of outright ownership keeping costs to a minimum. Classes will be relatively priced around 175$ a week per person and the company anticipates a school size of around 45 return students for 2011. At the occupancy of 20 students per month the income is for casted to be roughly around 14000$ in sales per month. With an overhead in the hundreds of dollars, it is apparent of the massive profit margins that can be achieved from such a business venture, making this seem very promising from the eyes of an investor.

FSA fully intends on staying as close to its ideology of value by teaching not only how to swim but the sciences of aquatics as well as rescue training and C.P.R. Customers will perceive their rich education with FSA as a valuable expenditure and will help the company retain its customers in the future. In regards to the measure of company performance, management will not only implement the use of various operations metrics but also the acquisition of company quota. When high expectations are utilized, employees adapt to achieve those goals only to learn what can be achieved.

Employees will be held with high regards in comparison to other organizations. Instructors at FSA will be paid relatively more than other companies due to its high emphasis of standards and quality. To retain employees of quality the company has taken a stance of good treatment and employee satisfaction. The



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