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Symbolisms in the Novel - the Witch of Portobello

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Essay Preview: Symbolisms in the Novel - the Witch of Portobello

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Athena in economy symbolizes a great issue of government control over money and industry. She was like a new currency that can benefit all for the destruction of the main world government, but the main world powers removed it from its roots. A currency without support equals nothing against other governments (other currencies). With Athena failure past she cannot resist the community that destroyed her, and also her feelings made her rush through her sophisticated life.

In conclusion, Athena symbolizes the unwanted existence in society, she trusted humanity, but that failed her, and had done her end, although the author didn't show any detail about why she was killed, and also by whom, all of these questions made the readers, think to create her end. Athena lost everything she was a fool, she is a symbol of sacrifice, humanity, and joy, although all of that didn't benefit her, what she was doing with her powers, didn't full fill her haters' objective, so they've killed her brutally.

The moral is to never trust humans, and think about the goal twice, and use power wisely. Be aware every action you do counts on community, so get away from the road of politics, and economy , nor religion. Life do not give chances, what happened to Athena should be a moral that soon everybody, will learn through their life quest. Put in your mind if you face community, you will be screwed, and the end you may get killed like Athena, just lose it and walk with the world, until god decides your end.

Whenever you turn, you will search for answers for your nonsense question and to recover your past, and answer what hidden, at the end, you will find some answers, but not all, because it is impossible to sacrifice life for such a meaningless reason like what Athena have done. Because, she advises people they killed her and ended her timeline.



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