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Teacher's Day

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In everyone's life, learning is a life long process which occurs daily in every minute of our lives. In such a long learning process most of us have a person, more like a companion who helps us progress during the process. Such a person would be a teacher who corrects our mistakes, advises us on the right thing to do and guides us through the everlasting learning journey of life. This is why teachers are revered as equals to gods.

Teachers are the ones who painstakingly try to correct us, even though we are too reluctant or ignorant to accept the change for good. They are also the people who give us knowledge that helps us survive in life. Sometimes, it is also the teachers who really identify our talents and encourage us to recognise and develop them if we fail to or do not know how to. Hence, teachers are really great as they bestow us with a priceless gift of knowledge which is wealth that cannot be destroyed.

Thus, it is our duty to honour such great people and to celebrate it. This is why we have Teachers' Day. Teachers' Day is a day which is especially dedicated to teachers, on which we can pay our respects and gratitude to them in a very special way of our own. In Singapore, Teachers' Day is on the 1st of September. Since there is only a day to Teacher's Day, I thought it would be best to remind you of teachers who might have taught you in your schools previously or are presently teaching you( be it in school or at home, like your parents or someone).

I hope you would use this golden opportunity on Teachers' Day to honour and to show your gratitude towards your teachers and give them a pleasant surprise they would never forget. I also would like to wish all my previous and present teachers who have worked hard to teach me many things which have led to my progress, A Very Happy Teachers' Day!



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