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Technical Communication Methods and Practices

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Essay Preview: Technical Communication Methods and Practices

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Technical communication can be looked at in two ways: as the process of making and sharing information and ideas with others in the workplace, and as a set of applications. Technical communication is the process of finding and using information and sharing meaning. The brief conversations you have with your colleagues in the hallway, the instant messages exchanged with vendors, the e-mails sent and respond to, the phones call with a project team member all these are examples of the process of technical communication. Every professional spends most of every workday using the four communication skills: writing, speaking, and listening. This paper will describe the communication methods and practices used in criminal justice by the officers, the department, and/ or the dispatchers answering emergency calls.

In recent research two resources that were recognized are: the audio appendixes and the digital story tutorials. When using audio appendix one can download information from cell phones, cameras, and iPods. The information obtained can be used at a later time convenient for the individual. Digital tutorials are slide presentations that help to explain in detail the topics discussed in them. Another form of technological tool is the use of high definition television in the classroom. This allows the teacher to present the information on a large screen similar to three-d. A feature of the high definition television is the ability to insert a device into the television and transfer data by using a personal computer, audio player, video game, or other special cable.

Technology has played a major role in improving the living standards for humans. Answers to problems in technology have helped to improve developments in several countries. Technology of today has created computers, cloning technology, and video games. In our society today, living life without voice mail, cell phone, computers, and other technological goods is unheard of to individuals. Our society will be more convenience and safe with technological growth. Making not possible things possible are like features of the change which previous people have practiced by social change, like changing from a hunting way of life to an agricultural way of life. To consider these compensation and change of society, modern technology, which society uses today, might be not only a new tool but also the tool, which makes a remarkable change in history. However, the contribution of modern technology to society should not be eliminated and should be distributed evenly.

When a person goes missing time is of the essence. People feel the technology of putting out amber alerts is much faster and more effective. By having technology set up on freeways and high ways it is easier to put the information out to the public. With the police communicating to the local communities as well as putting the information out nationwide helps to bring children back quickly and safely. By having all the technology in today's society it makes it easier to get information and communication work more smoothly. The amber alert system has become more effective and more widely spreading the information. Police are able to broadcast information to the press, all news channels, interrupt television programs, put out fliers, and keep updating accordingly. All of the technology can be used to better our community and criminal justice system.

In the future when it comes to interrogation technology will allow computers and the human brain to almost be linked as one. It will have the concept of a lie detector test except much more advanced. You can look up and see what the human brain is thinking and feeling rather than just speculating. In the case of a lie detector test it cannot be used in court because to at least a degree the test has a certain amount of speculation. In lie detector results it uses certain indicators to decide if a person is lying or not and even though the tests have gotten better they are not one hundred percent accurate. When computers can be linked to the human brain and get a whole picture about what is going on and not just use these indicators the tests will then become more accurate and dependable. Certain



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