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Tecnology Impact on Communication

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Essay Preview: Tecnology Impact on Communication

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Throughout the history of humanity, man has used different ways to communicate, from communication with sign, until the communication distance through advanced technological devices.

The media have constituted an important role in this. These have contributed, from the outset, to bring more people, in the sense that is has been provided, increasingly, the communication and information. The above can be mirrored from the invention of radio, telephone, TV, fax, mobile phones, satellites, Internet, among others. These media there been placing them in a timeline, show a great technological evolution which has made it possible to overcome borders.

Currently, there are many sources of information and media; among them, telephone terminals, whose network is growing at a rate of 10%, not in terms of mobile phones, growing up to 30% or 40%, Internet is growing at a rate of 80% or 100% since 1998 and continues to grow at the same pace. Possibly beyond 2012, more than half of the world's population will be on the Internet, i.e. which in six years Internet has a dimension comparable to the existing worldwide telephone infrastructure.

Due to her domineering progress, one could say that Internet would not constitute a simple means of communication more in the world, as it covers daily in addition to television, radio and cellular telephony, which is a versatile and multiple media.

The Internet is known as if for the network, but is actually hundreds of interconnected worldwide, networks that work because they use the same protocols of communication. It is for this type of interconnection on a global scale that one can speak of the Internet as a means of social communication, constituting a mass means of communication that reaches hundreds of people at any one time and constantly. In addition it can be, also, as a means of interpersonal communication, constituting a form of communication of the relationship between individuals who are currently engaged in.

Communication grace room technology is made easier thanks to advances such as the Internet, as that is achieved that messages come in short time by e-mail, or IM with MSN. The mobile phone is also a major advance because calls can be more personalized and no matter the place in which we find ourselves.

Therefore, it is important to note, that in this sense, the technology and the internet has become one of the major aid for men in their work and other needs; It has become the "currency of communication" international, and that it has brought together the world in one place and with the same language, that perhaps in a not so distant future, it could turn humans into a self-sufficient being with just pressing buttons, you can eat, breathe and live. But let us not forget that the man is a social being and that he cannot do without the medium in which it lives, and in this sense Internet, at the same time inform us, has produced a cooling in interpersonal communication, as it has become more mechanical and impersonal.

General technology favors in the union of the family to create a bridge of love and communication like cell phones, general technology favors fun such as videogames with integrate the whole family, general entertainment television, and games for children etc.

Personally the overall technology has a positive impact in society, but as always what I said: anything in excess is harmful. The technology is good for humans if not much clinging to it.


There is economic growth and development in the population, as these new technologies produced, will be brought to new markets. In the economy, they have allowed to generate wealth to distance and network, overcoming geographical and political boundaries. Contribution of a change in labor, economic, cultural and social relations, and perhaps in this way, a different approach in the thinking of the individual.

It is important to clarify that there are two types of technologies that contribute a lot to our society; industrial technology and general technology.

Industrial technologies are technologies and machines working. Imagine for a moment to make the strollers you have on your roof and handmade? Do imagined draw the face of Washington on each ticket for 1 dollar? carving the face in a 25 cent, imagine cutting down the tree by hand, with axe, shaping wood, grinding it, varnish it etc. and everything to make a table.

Many say that the industrial technology generates poverty and unemployment. Personally to contradict that, because the truth there are not many willing to make strollers in



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