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Temperature and Enzyme Activity

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Essay Preview: Temperature and Enzyme Activity

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Temperature and enzyme activity

- Shobiga Peiris

Aim: To investigate the effect of temperature on enzyme activity.

Hypothesis: Enzyme activity is more effective at room temperature (37 degrees)


* Seven test tubes ( one test tube is the controlled test tube)

* Six beakers (used as water baths)

* Pineapple juice

* 30ml of milk

* Stop watch

* 3 ice cubes

* Water

* Bunsen Burner

* Gauze mat

* Tripod

* Thermometer

* Test tube rack

* Match Box

Risk assessment:

* Wear goggles to protect your eyes when heating water

* Wear gloves when handling hot water to protect your hands from burning.

* Always stand to avoid spillage to the face or body.


1. Gather all required materials

2. Place 5ml of milk in each test tube

3. Add 3 drops of pineapple in each test tube.

4. Add 120ml of water in each of the six beakers (water baths)

5. Hold the thermometer around the middle of the water baths, (DON'T NOT ALLOW THE THERMOETER TO TOUCH THE BOTTOM). Hold one thermometer in each separate water bath.

6. Allow the first water bath to reach the temperature of 27®c

7. Allow the second water bath to reach the temperature of 37®c (Room temperature)

8. Allow the third water bath to reach the temperature of 50®c

9. Allow the fourth water bath to reach the temperature of 70®c

10. Allow the fifth water bath to reach the temperature of 100®c

11. Place the 3 ice cubes in the water bath at the temperature of 0®c

12. Start the stopwatch and remove the test tube after 10 minutes in the water bath.

13. Place the test tubes in the rest tube rack.

14. Record for each individual test tube the results of the solution and see if it has varied or become more solidified.

15. Create a table of your observations

16. Repeat for reliability.



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