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Tennis and Badminton

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Essay Preview: Tennis and Badminton

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Tennis and badminton. Badminton and tennis. Most people think that they are one in the same, but really the only similarity is the fact that they are both racket sports. There are different strategies, utilities used, and technical differences between them. Not all sports are what they seem. Not all stereotypes are what they seem. Not everything is always what it seems. All of these apply with the tennis versus badminton scandal. Tennis and badminton are completely different with no potent similarity.

Strategy is one of the most important components of playing a sport. If one doesn't have the right strategy, they will not play a good game. In tennis, one serves the ball overhand into a specific spot over the net. In badminton, one would serve the birdie, or the proper name, shuttlecock, underhand over the net to no specific spot. In tennis, the ball is best hit if it is hit hard, close to the net, and within the boundries if the court, whereas in badminton, the birdie is best hit if it is hit lightly, far over the net, and, since there are no boundaries in badminton, as far as one could hit it is best. Badminton and tennis differ at one of the most important parts of playing a sport.

The difference between the utilities used is the most obvious differentiation between the two sports. In tennis, players use little yellow balls. No special name or shape; just a yellow, spherical ball. However, in badminton people use a birdie, also known as a shuttlecock. It is definitely an odd shape, not general in anyway (unlike the tennis ball). The racket of a tennis player can be easily differentiated between itself and a racket of a badminton player. A tennis racket is a lot heavier and wider, allowing for a more solid and a cleaner hit. On the other hand, a badminton racket is skinnier and longer, allowing to help reach higher shots. The utilities of a Game are the most defining part of a play.

This last argument is a small but very important to this argument there are many small technical differences between the two sports. In badminton, the sport is more friendly than competitive. Players participating this game do not keep score or stand in specific spots due to this. In tennis, players play competivly more than friendly games. They use a score system of sets and on a 15 point scale.

We were all taught the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover," pertaing mostly to other people, but we need to start applying this method to things other than people, like sports. Most people assume because a sport is related, they are often one in the same, but this theory is usually wrong.



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