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The 2012 Presidential Election: Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney

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Essay Preview: The 2012 Presidential Election: Barack Obama Vs. Mitt Romney

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The 2012 Presidential Election: Barack Obama VS. Mitt Romney

The race for presidency is almost coming to a close with one of the most interesting

elections that I have seen in my years. President Barack Obama is hoping to remain president for

the next four years, while republican Mitt Romney hopes to become the leader of the United

States. These two candidates have different views on different issues concerning the future of the

United States. My objective in this paper is to bring a few of the issues to light, while gaining a

good understanding of what both parties want to do solve these issues.

To meet this objective, I've put three issues into three parts, getting the views of both

candidates on different topics that lightly plague America. In the first part, I get both candidates

outlook on energy and what they plan to do with it. In the second part I talk about the rather

lengthy topic of healthcare and what both candidates plan to do to improve it. In the third part I

plan to discuss taxes and both parties views on it. The fourth part will contain my opinion on

which candidate is better prepared to assume the responsibilities of the presidency.

According statistics we are not as reliant on foreign oil in the past. President Obama has

a plan to further cut foreign oil imports in half by the year 2020. His theory is that by building

Americas resources, we can create jobs and make America more self-sufficient on energy.

Obama is also concerned about saving consumers money on gas, by doubling fuel efficiency

standards it will save Americans more than $8,000 at gas stations. The oil production under

Obama is also the highest it has been in 14 years. He plans to open millions acres of land and

open up 75% of our oil and gas resources in the gulf and arctic. Mitt Romney's goal for the

future is to make America an energy superpower. He wants to give states power to control

onshore energy development. Romney wants each state to be able to control all forms of energy

within its borders. Another step Romney wants to take regarding energy production is opening

offshore areas for development, his plan has different benefits for Americans. It will make

national security stronger, lower energy costs for middle class families, and produce over three

million new



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