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The Area of ​​small Islands

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The area of ​​small islands have the potential natural resources and services within high and can serve as the capital of Indonesia's development policy implementation in the future. This area provides a productive natural resources such as coral reefs, the field yet (seagrass), mangrove forests, fisheries and conservation areas. Small islands also provide a high range of great services because he possessed a natural beauty that can move the nautical tourism industry. On the other hand, the utilization potential of small islands has yet optimal due attention and policy pPemerintah far more oriented to the ground.Development of Small Island area is a process that will bring a change in ekosistemnya. The changes will take effect on environment. The higher intensity of carried out supervision and development means that the higher is the level of resources utilization, the higher the return, and changes in the environment will occur in the small islands.Management activities of small islands face many threats in terms of ecological decline in the quality of environment, namely the occurrence, such as pollution, ecosystem destruction and excessive fishing (overfishing) and the social aspects, namely the lack of acceptance of the low aksessibilitas and local communities. Therefore, in anticipation of changes and threats, the management of small islands to do a comprehensive and integrated. Policy and National Strategy (Jakstranas) management of small islands are expected to serve as the national reference (national reference) or cross-sector guidelines for the activities of both central and regional levels to develop and take advantage of small islands. There have been no reference to integrative and nationally agreed upon as the basis of policies and strategies in small islands, resulting in disability management of small islands is not yet optimal.



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