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The Aviation Industry

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The aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It remains large in the growth of the country. As per Kathleen (2007) it also provides the facilities for the growth of the economic, world trade and the international investment which is connected to the tourism. The globalization takes to the peak position in many other industries. The travel has grown to the high level for both the business and leisure purpose that reflect a huge impact on the aviation industry. The airline company provides a great comfort for the people to travel from one location to the other location in quick time through aircraft than travelling in ship. The industry is wide open and had good scope for developing to a larger extent with the revenue grabbed by business class and tourist people.

Strategic management and strategic competitiveness:

As per Derek (1978) the strategic management is the most important for the organization to be in a successful side. It helps to shape the organization into good structure by focusing its energy and motivates the employees to attain the goal set by the organization to access and adjust with the respect to the change in the environment. The strategic competitiveness is the result of the complex and dynamic interaction between economic and social factors. The Qantas has good reputation among the airline company in the world. In order to regain the competitiveness the company should provide the jobs for the employee with good salary and benefits. They should also provide the flexible working conditions. The company should offer comfort for the employee to balance the work and personal work. The quality training and best remuneration should be given for the eligible employee to attain the goal of the organization. Providing the necessary safety and security for employee will encourage them to contribute efficient work.



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