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The Borgias.

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Essay Preview: The Borgias.

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Jordan Lam

The Borgias

The esteemed family of the Borgias, consisting of the most noteworthy members Alfonso Borgias, Rodrigo Borgias, Cesare Borgias and Lucrezia Borgia, is a family famous for their lavish lifestyle and their peculiar life choices which is a result of their influence over the people they rule over. This status of the Borgia family made it so that they are known all over the world for their actions, especially that of Rodrigo Borgias who became the Pope with the name of Alexander the VI known for hosting parties that instigated sexual activities with prostitutes and his guest alike, as well as the Treaty of Tordesillas which is still being debated on whether or not was the “permission” that allowed the travelers to take in slaves. We also have the daughter of Rodrigo name Lucrezia Borgia whom was married to multiple noble men as a strategic plan to increase the influence and wealth of her family which succeeded and furthermore made their foundation on their rule stronger. Cesare Borgias one of the sons of Rodrigo Borgias is known to have killed is one of his own brother Giovani Borgias in the name of power. These are some of the stories that surrounds the Borgias family, which to some extent may be true to some degree but with more and more stories being told in their name it can be easy to exaggerate these statements and maybe some stories maybe pass on to be rumors and simply stories that are made to put their name down during their time. It can however be proven that they are indeed have done some treachery during their reign, so much so that they have been noted by Niccolò Machiavelli. Their family has also held what seems to be a very embarrassing moment for the church, having been a complete opposite of what a pope should display as. Not to mention Pope Alexander the VI has alone been accused of almost every depravity one could think of, considering that he tightly held on to his power by being manipulative and being a hard negotiator only giving in if the situation would rule over his favor. The influence bought by his children who in their own respective mindsets are also manipulative, cunning, and deceptive as well. Though their portrayals maybe different from what is actual, like the fact that Cesare which is often displayed as a handsome young man actually has syphilis in which he contracted from his time at brothels.



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