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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

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Essay Preview: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

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Bruno is self-centred and he doesn't think of others. He is a nine-year old boy who can be greedy and careless at times but, he also shows consideration and thoughtfulness towards others. In "The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas," Bruno is focused on his content and happy life in Berlin. However he doesn't realize how greedy and selfish he can be. By becoming friends with the small Jewish boy, Shmuel, Bruno develops into a more sympathetic and considerate little boy.

"The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas'" main character, Bruno, leads a very steady and protected life. He is well looked after by his family, servants and maid. His Father's high and important position with the Nazi's, enables Bruno and his family: Mother, Gretel, Father and himself, to live a affluent life compared to the other people around him in Berlin. His innocence and curiosity occasionally gives the impression that Bruno is being selfish and thoughtless, including the example where he does not understand why Maria, the family maid, begins to "pack away his belongings" and he tries to "consider whether he had been particularly naughty... over the last few days." Another example is when Bruno occasionally mentions that his new home with three floors is poorly because his old house had five floors which illustrates him sounding spoilt and rude because of his innocence. Bruno also seems to be self-centred and insensitive when he mentions his sister and declares that he "[isn't] particularly bothered if Gretel [would be] sent away." This quote shows that he doesn't give much attention or care for his older sister as he also refers to her as a "Hopeless Case." Bruno's comfortable time in Berlin, is why he may appear egoistic, for in reality he is entirely unaware of the severity of the events of World War II.

Bruno's thoughtlessness is mainly caused by his innocence and loss of awareness. He doesn't realize how inconsiderate and selfish he can be which characterizes him in a negative way. Bruno is only nine-years old and is still a very innocent little boy. He misinterprets things that have been said to him. For instance when Father tells the children, Bruno and Gretel, that they're moving to a house at Auschwitz, a deadly concentration camp, Bruno interprets it as "Out-With," simply a name for the house; this childhood innocence leads his Father to think that Bruno is not listening and thoughtlessly mispronouncing the name. Another example of his innocent negligence is when Pavel, a Jewish servant at their new home in Auschwitz, helps Bruno after he'd fallen down and cleans his knee. Bruno is too concentrated on thinking about how bad this small cut could be to even thank Pavel and instead starts panicking and declaring that "[he] might bleed to death." However Pavel knew better, nevertheless Bruno was too stubborn to accept it as



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