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The Caribbean Experience in the United States

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Essay Preview: The Caribbean Experience in the United States

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This section is different than the previous section where Sandra Cisneros has emphasized on women life. The common theme is visible among these novels is family relationships of immigrant. Junot Diaz, Esmeralda Santiago and Christina Garcia have provided genuine experience that reflects the family situation among Caribbean family. Many things we learn from family that inhibits direct relationship with every individual. This process continues among generation to generation in Dreaming in Cuban.

Before explaining the whole concept, it is better to find out the similar relation between them. Santiago Negi, Diaz Yunior and Garcia Celia have the similar life pattern during the novels. Only the difference between them is the age in those stories. But the extension of the stories is turning from point is the chaotic situation of the family. The stories doesn't bounce way out from the family relation but it stay together by talking the real norms and values of family relationship. Starting with Santiago, he is presenting small child Negi as a main character. This novel gives good amount of information in Puerto Rico. How Negi , female character travels way out from Puerto Rico to America is crucible in the story. Being grew up in poor family; she has to struggle with different kind of situation. Especially the poor situation of family often hits her life very badly. She learns to be a responsible girl and she starts taking care of her siblings. Mom situation is panic here, because Dad cannot afford to maintain family expenses. In the absence of her mom, she has to experience severe problem associate with the responsibility of the women. The similar situation can be related with the life of Yunior in Junot Diaz short stories. The reflection of Yunior character is pretty much explained in the different stage of his life. He has shown teen age doing wrong things in the New Jersey. His family is poor; father absent situation and deprivation of guardian can't help him to change in life. It's not only him, but, his fellow siblings are also dealing with same situation. In Drown, his character is shown a bad guy then it turns to be a good buy because of the family responsibility. Fiesta is explaining his Dad character that is associated with his reaction of life over this situation. The absence of Papi how much effects the kids is the best example in Aguantando. Here he has shown really innocent kid. The fact is that Yunior is struggling with the character of his dad that lids him to discourage to do something in life. Sometime, he cries to see change and wants to escape from Dominican Republic to go United States for better life. The common thing in Esmeralda Santiago and Junot Diaz is the end of the story in the United States. Probably, this might not be the end, but, writers' viewpoints always come from the experience in the United States. All characters find them happy, prosperous and then they analyze whether living in the United States is the real happiness in life or not. Negi finds her change in the United States by getting good education, but, Yunior is deprived from the absence of his Dad. His desire to change his life is still incomplete, but, Negi conquered the dream of her life by living in prosperous community. She learns



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