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The Coca Cola Vision, Mission, Goals and Plans

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Essay Preview: The Coca Cola Vision, Mission, Goals and Plans

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The mission of Coca Cola Company is to refresh and completely satisfy the world. Coca Cola will provide supreme quality for an affordable price. Coca Cola will be consistent in what it does well and fills people’s hearts with joy and happiness to make a difference around the world. Coca Cola will work to its potential and always seek out the best in everything it does. Coca Cola will always treat its customers, its suppliers, its employees, and everyone it interacts with, with the extreme respect, honesty, and completeness. It is the Coca Cola mission to give all people hope and inspiration to refresh the world.


The Coca Cola vision is to make a bottle of Coca Cola available within hand’s reach of everyone on the world. It also strives to maximize the return to stockholders as efficiently as possible. Coca Cola provides a great work environment with positive and successful attitudes for its employees. Coca Cola gives all people with the opportunity to buy a large variety of beverages, which will fulfill a person’s required desire. Coca Cola always promotes good ethics and responsibilities to the public that can create a better earth. It is always looking to grow as a company and builds a winning network in its organization.


Coca Cola’s goals involved both financial and nonfinancial targets that the company will be striving for the accomplishments. Coca Cola knows that it is essential to list out the goals and plans the ways of actions to succeed the goals. For nonfinancial goals, the company proposes to make Coca Cola appear healthier and lower risk. Although it has received a negative reputation, but Coca Cola also had many products that were healthy and it was the important goals to advertise these products. Coca Cola is looking to replace coffee by promoting the energy side of some of its beverages. Coca Cola aspires to spread the knowledge so that people can enjoy what it has to offer. For financial goals, Coca Cola is setting is at least 100 percent sales increase over the next two years targeted for its lesser knows products. As a measurable benchmark, a financial goal exists of achieving and total revenue of 41.86 billion by the year 2016.  

Core Competency and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

The Coca Cola activities are very unique and will return it a great competitive advantage. The Coca Cola is a popular brand and its products are very well-known in the beverage market. The uniqueness in what it does is outstanding. Coca Cola is not just a company who sells products and makes a profit, but the company expects communities to receive a refreshing beverage and be inspired a part of something much larger when they drink Coca Cola. The company hosts many events and provides a lot of opportunities for people all the world. Coca Cola tries to do best to give back to the world and make a difference in society. Coca Cola is a successful organization to mix between making profits and returning benefits to the world, which makes the organization has a competitive advantage.

Strategic Actions and Plans

  • Coca Cola focused on driving revenue and profit growth.

The company used segmented revenue growth strategies in business because market types are very varied. In emerging market, it focused on increasing volume, keeping an affordable price, and creating the foundation of the future success. In developing market, the company maintained a balance between volume and price. In developed market, the company offered various products into the market such as a small size and premium packages. Coca Cola used different ways to create values in different regions and it did a good job to increase organic revenue for four percent in 2015.

  • Coca Cola invested in its brands and business

Coca Cola has been continuing to invest in healthy business and made alternatives to invest in more and better marketing for the brands, increasing the quantity and quality. Coca Cola spent more than 250 million dollar to make media advertisings that shared stronger and more impactful advertisings. The company invested across in expansive beverage portfolio and improved the position in the energy category with Monster Beverage Brand. It also invested in many beverage brands in different countries. Coca Cola developed its products in many categories which people could enjoy Coca Cola with calories or no calories and with or without caffeine.

  • Coca Cola became more efficient

Coca Cola wanted to increase its financial flexibility by investing in more and better marketing. At the end, the company could increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs. The company also cut spending on non-media marketing like in-store promotions and found new saving ways in its supply chain around the world. The company could comprehend 600 million dollar in productivity improvement in 2015, which invested in its brands and returned to its shareowners. In the near future, Coca Cola is working to drive productivity and continuous saving across the company and system. The company sees productivity as an ongoing and ultimately better.

  • Coca Cola simplified its company

The market has changed rapidly in recent years in non-alcohol beverage industry, which evolved consumer tastes and preferences, sweeping innovations in retail and supply chain, and creating an environment in which speed, precision, and empowered employee. Coca Cola removed a layer of functional management and connected its regional business units directly to headquarters. The company began to look at the ways to improve the employee’s experience with the goal of creating the most exciting, productive, fun, and fulfilling career environment.

  • Coca Cola refocused on its core business model

Coca Cola Company has always been a creator of refreshing beverage brands and had an expansive portfolio included more than 500 brands such as sparkling beverages, juice drinks, coffee, tea, sport drinks, water, and energy hydration drinks. Coca Cola helped to develop its bottling partners, its retail and restaurant customers around the world and wanted to increase the bottling partners in many regions.

SWOT Analysis of Coca Cola Company

        The SWOT Analysis framework is taken into a strategic management process that analyzes the internal and external environment of an organization in a market. Strengths and weaknesses are the internal environment factors, whereas opportunities and threats are the external environment factors of an organization. The internal analysis can evaluate organizational resources, abilities, activities, and core competencies. The external analysis can evaluate specific and general environment that affect the organization.



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