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The Disturbance in Mr. Gagus' Normal Day

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Essay Preview: The Disturbance in Mr. Gagus' Normal Day

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The disturbance in Mr. Gagus' normal day

Mr. Gagus woke up at 7:29 as usual; he laid thinking for one minute until he stood up at 7:30. It took him one hour to shower, shave, get dressed and eat. While he did these things, Mrs. Gagus packed his lunch. At 8:30 he left the flat and went to the subway station. Precisely at 8:38 as usual he boarded the subway, he noticed that there were a lot of people today so he had to stand up. At 8:55 Mr. Gagus heard a loud bang and he was thrown to the floor. The light in the Subway went out, and people were screaming. Some people lighted their flash lights, and Mr. Gagus looked around. People were screaming about a bomb causing the bang and the following shockwave. People lay scattered around like dolls, and not all looked alive, some had their arms and legs torn off. Mr. Gagus body felt pretty sore, and he noticed a growing pain in his right leg. He looked down his leg, and saw his trousers were covered in blood. Another load bang sounded and he was thrown into one of the seats. Starts started to dance before his eyes, but he had to get up and get out of the subway. The people around Mr. Gagus were panicking, and there were even more torn apart bodies on the floor now. Around 50 meters from where Mr. Gagus lay on the floor he could see a big hole in the side of the subway. There were flames and black smoke started to fill the subway. Mr. Gagus tried to pull himself up, but he couldn't lay any weight on his legs. He started coughing due to the smoke coming from the fire. At 8:59 Mr. Gagus passed out. Mr. Gagus woke up, he had no idea where he was, or what time it was. He didn't like that at all. He heard this "beep" noise, and looked around. He was in a hospital bed, with sensors all over his body. He had this strange feeling in his legs, he looked down at himself and saw his legs were gone. Mr. Gagus started to scream and had trouble breathing, a doctor and a nurse came running in. "Welcome back Mr. Gagus" said the doctor, "You have been unconscious for 4 days now, and you are extremely lucky to have survived that terror attack." "400 people were killed and only 5 survived." "Unfortunately we were not able to save your legs, but you should be happy just to be alive." This was too much for Mr. Gagus at 15:50 he fainted.

Mr. Gagus never went back to having a normal day, with a normal schedule, his wife left him, and he moved into a flat where he could be taken care of.



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