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The Eightfold Path

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I currently do not have a paper to enter. I'm here looking for a paper. I am hoping that with the help of this site that I will be able to better understand the meaning of the Eightfold Path and to also obtain a better grade on my paper. So, as you do require at least 250 words submitted I am going to have to babble a little here to reach my goal. It would be helpful if of course there were a word counter as I'm finding it difficult to come up with my required number. I'll give it a go and see if this is going to be accepted. If it isn't then I will of course be back with some more babble. BRB! ;-)

Alright, so, I obviously didn't meet the 250 word requirement. So let me tell you about our weather...currently we're estimated to get 6 inches of snow. Not bad though considering it's mid January and this is our first real snow. Hopefully you're reading this from a lovely warm dry place. kAJhasdofi hasdfo asdof hsdoif hsdoifh sdoifh sdofi hsdoif hsodfi hsdo hadovi hsodfi hsdoiv hsodvi hdoiv sod vsodvh sofivh soiv hsdoif hsdoi hsoi hsoiv asoid vhdoiv hasodiv hasdoiv hasdoiv hasodiv hasdoiv hasodiv hsdoiv hasdoi vhsdoifh asdoifh sdoifh asodifh asoif hasodi hsdoifh asdoifh asdoifh sfih



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