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The First Amendment

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Essay Preview: The First Amendment

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On September 16, 2010 I contracted Transmission to repair my vehicle. Transmission did not properly diagnoise my vehicle and did not repair it. As a matter of fact, they held my vehicle for about four months before they finally repaired it. Two days later, the vehicle began malfunctioning again. The chech engine light and the reduced speed monitor began appearing (just as before I took it to the shop)and remained on.It seems no repairs were made. I couldn't even drive no more then five miles per hours.I contacted them immediately toinform them of my situation sense they had just repaired it. They told me that I probably needed a battery. So I went to O'Reilly and purchased a new battery. However, the chech engine light and the reduced speed monitor still remained on, then, the vehicle stopped. I had to plead with them to pick up the vehicle. After about three week in the shop again, I contacted them about the status of the vehicle. In particular, one of the guys working there said it MIGHT have an electrical problem or some sensor problem and that he didn't know what was wrong with the vehicle, and that he didn't know how to read the codes. I waited for about two more week before I called again, and they said that they were still working on it. At this point, I decided to locate a couple of isuzu dealership in an out of town. The told me that if the repair shop did not have the advanced technology and expert knowledge workers they probably can't fix the vehicle. So, I decided to have it move to a credible repair shop who could properly diagnosis it. They picked it up late that evening and called be at 8:00 to give the diagnosis. But, The warranty would not pay for the repairs. So, it remained there. My vehicle had not been in my possession since September, 2010. It was stored there until April, 2011. Upon the meeting with representatives to try to resolve this situation. A plus and myself signed an agreement to try to resolve the matter. I trusted Transmission once again, in GOOD FAITH to repair my vehicle, and they let me down. In other words Transmission reneiged on their promise. They are unethical and illrepectable and in violation of the Deceptive Trade Business Practices by law!! How can you allow this to go on!



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