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The Free Thinking Mind

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The Philosophy of the mind is built on the basis of free thinking without limitations or boundaries. Some thoughts are executed by the body while others remain inside the mind. Those that remain inside the mind only remain their out of fear...fear of punishment and unexpected consequences or rather consequences that we believe are unbearable whether physically or emotionally.

If you fear nothing then you are free, which means your body can execute all the thoughts within the body's power and within the frame of logic and reason. This is what every human do whatever they think of doing and to have whatever they desire regardless of the means.

Those that run after their dream chasing it and trying to pursue it by any means possible...these are free people because they fear nothing even if they fail to pursue their dream. Those that fear to chase their dream out of failure, those that think they can't because eventually they will fail, those that see no hope or light at the end of a dark tunnel...those will remain miserable most of their lives and will remain a prisoner of their own minds. Humans...cannot live without hope, even the hope of the near future, the next second, hour or day, etc.

Having no fear is the key element to freedom because free will, free thinking, and freedom always go hand in hand in having no fear because it is fear that chains you and makes you a prisoner. For these reasons above...I believe the philosophy of the mind is built on free thinking.

The nature of the mind's thinking believes that the only way to be truly happy is to do everything the mind thinks of doing and having all the things the mind desires to have, these thoughts are merely directly related to materialism, feelings of love and the instinct of sex, having said that...the mind does not think whether these thoughts and desires are good or bad, whether they will fruit negative or positive results in our lives, because in any case...all minds are ignorant of the future.

These thoughts are based on the fact that the mind thinks "all will go as planned" merely day dreaming. If these remain as thoughts that come and go...then there is no negative side to it. But if one thought sticks in, and evolves to be a craving dream for, then in most cases...failure will lead to human collapse, sadness and misery and in some cases in weak minds it will lead to self-destruction.

The wise thing to do here is to detach from a dream that is far away from reality, a dream that is far away and nearly impossible to manifest and make true. If you detach from it...then you are happy, because you are not afraid in losing your dream or your desire, you are not afraid to go on a new quest in search for a new dream and also you are happy because you are in control of the free thinking your mind generates rather letting your own thoughts control you.

Thoughts whether simple or not



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