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The Greatest

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The Greatest?

Adolf Hitler is known for being one of many influential rhetorician. He was able to convince about 55,000 people to follow him and slaughter nearly 21 million people. He was able to get the following by giving speeches; Hitler was a well spoken and educated man. He happened to be a very charismatic person which is why it was easy for people to dwell in every world he said. When he spoke he use the word “we” which made his speech very relatable and personal. Hitler spoke for the people and only for people, he used their struggles, belief and facts so that they felt a connection. Hitler spoke firmly and with emotions. However the body language he was distributing was fearlessly, audacious, and most important he presented to have all the skill needed to be a great leader. He sounded very trustworthy.

Furthermore, Hitler knew what to say and how to say it, he certainly knew his audience and what they needed to hear for example he talked about them as a whole and how they need to join together to surpass the problems they have, he showed his power through his words, Hitler used words that made the people listen such as jews, and power. His voice was very aggressive and piercing especially when his voiced raised. He also coaxed his people by expressing their emotions for example he said “”. He used statistics and logic to manipulate their thoughts. He wanted them to be the best so he used past history which included their economic stands and the wars , to his adventure. Regardless of the tragic end to this particular time in history, Hitler was able to convinced thousands of people to believe in what he believed in because his audience saw his vision and his will to make Germany great . Despite what everybody has to say he was a smart man who made very smart decisions on how to get people to follow him and fight alongside him.



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