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The Importance for Christians to Study of Literature

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Essay Preview: The Importance for Christians to Study of Literature

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The Importance for Christians to Study of Literature

After careful reviewing and understanding the presentations of this week's material, I chose this because I enjoy reading books to build a visual image of what, when, where, why, and how people react or do the things they do. I believe that one of the greatest impacts on our American society is the electronic devices verses traditional printed books. I believe that reading is most important function because it expands one's knowledge of life and permit one to see another's viewpoint. Many Christians today suffer from an inability to understand how nonbelievers interpret things. This does not mean a Christian should abandon one's faith, but one must be willing to understand what the other side believes, thinks and feels. Literature is one of the most effective means of placing one into the viewpoint of another. We need to be able to step outside of ourselves and look at issues from different angles. Sometime the outcome is very different then what we read in books.

Electronic devices do have its place in our society in this century, but there is a time and place for that type of device. The electronic media stimulates the individual and does the work for them. Where with a traditional book one must physically read, comprehend and think in order to process the reading. The technology that society has today makes people lazy and the growing threat to our society ability to communicate with others. Being an informed reader, a person is able to control what they are retaining and learning verses what television is feeding their mind.

The Bible is the greatest book ever written. The Scriptures allows us to read about life and the Word of God, how we can apply, what we read and develop understanding of what God has in stored for us. The Bible gives us a plan to live by. It allows the reader to use critical thinking and exercise their mind as God intended. Christians, it is vital to be diligent and intentionally motivated to keep a balance of what is allowed to enter our minds and what we allow to do with the knowledge. Often what we say and how we behave will have a major impact on the outcome of our studies, our daily Christian walk, often affecting those around us and most importantly our intimate relationship with Christ.


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