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The Jungle: Secrets and Mysteries

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Essay Preview: The Jungle: Secrets and Mysteries

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The Jungle: Secrets and Mysteries

        Tropical rainforests are places on earth full of secrets and mysteries. When you are watching these forests from above and you see the vibrant colors of the plants and trees it makes you think of peace and serenity. But do not be deceive because behind those beautiful facades are concealed secrets.

        It is a well-known fact, the forest is not only composed of plants and trees but also by many other organisms such as animals, fungi and bacteria. And that is the inner beauty of the forest, its wide biodiversity. Inside the forest, you will see different species of plants, of birds with colourful feathers flying and chirping, of primates swinging from one tree to another, and of many others. Different organisms have different interactions with one another such as the mutual relationship between the carnivorous pitcher plant and the red crab spider. Another is the very important role of fungi in the rainforest, they are one of the major decomposers of organic matter that provides nutrients needed by the plants and trees therefore keeping the forest alive.

But not all organisms live in peace with others because of the dangers they brought to one another due to competition. In the jungle, or any place for that matter, there is always competition may it be in finding a suitable mate, territories or food. The birds (birds of paradise) competes with one another for the affection of the female birds of paradise without violence by performing and showing off of their magnificent feathers. The darkness hidden in the forest is how far some animals is able to do because of competition. In one circumstance that was shown in the documentary, a group of primates killed and even ate other chimpanzees just to take over the territory and protect their food source. In a competition it is the survival of the fittest and this is what has driven evolution. Competition also ensures that no one species dominates the forest therefore keeping the ecosystem balance.

The rainforest has a lot to offer and these are just some of them, it has many secrets and mysteries that are yet to be discovered. It is also because of these reasons why we, humans, are slowly destroying and killing the forests. Others may have not realized it yet, but destroying the rainforest will not only kill those organisms living in there but eventually it will also kill us. It is really true that “what goes around comes around”.



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