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The Latino Media Story

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Essay Preview: The Latino Media Story

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The Latino media story

Today in America there are many Hispanic people living all across the country in major cities. Before there wasn't that many Hispanic but because of immigration and more Hispanics looking to seek jobs, they are coming to America and they are bringing some of their cultures with them. With this the Hispanic media is starting to rise in America.

There are more companies now that are trying to sell themselves to the Hispanic people than ever before. Since there are many Hispanics in America this means there is a new way for profit to be made. They used to be a minority but not anymore, since the last 10 years, Hispanic newspapers have actually grown, including Hispanic TV and radio ads. But this is also creating a problem now because companies out there need people to speak and write both Spanish and English so they can sell themselves easier to the public. This is also good news for Americans because it is creating more jobs for them as well in the media industry because Hispanics have a very big purchasing power which means everyone will try to reach them and sell there product to them. The jobs also say that people working in these jobs can get easier management positions so they can work with people who understand the Spanish community. People argue that this is actually helping the Hispanic community because it is bringing them closer and is being done for their community and not to just exploit them. They also predict that in the next 10 years this industry will get even larger do to the increase in Hispanics living and entering the country.

We can learn from this article that the Latino media is starting to change now over years. Since there are so many more Hispanic people living in America, there needs to be more Hispanic advertising like on newspapers, radio and television. This will now benefit not only the Hispanic people living in America feel more at home, but also the economy because of the rise of Latino media.



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