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The Learner and Research Interests

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Essay Preview: The Learner and Research Interests

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The Learner and Research Interests

I have tried to improve my knowledge base through on-going education my entire life. Attending the 2011 Association for Applied Sports Psychology convention confirmed my aspiration to achieve a terminal degree. Through time I have gained valuable consulting experience as a competitor and coach. However, I have lacked the appropriate educational-foundation that research can offer a practitioner. Meeting and consulting with Sports Psychology Consultant's at the highest level taught me that a strong research background will help me to construct and apply well-rounded theories and interventions. Working with fear and high anxiety sports athletes I have realized that I need to become an expert in the field of mindfulness, mental imagery, and biofeedback. Additionally, I have invested a substantial amount of time in reviewing journal articles for the 2013 AASP convention and research at New Mexico State.

The Learner: Strengths and Weaknesses

The APA format has allowed me to excel while writing as a researcher, student, and practitioner. Utilizing the APA format allows me to validate my opinions and strengthen my stance about subjects I may be reviewing or debating. Throughout my Master's degree my professors found my work to be error-free, easy to read, and credible on a consistent basis.

Each degree that I have earned required a moderate to advanced understanding of online databases, formatting programs, graduate writing, and identifying reliable sites to review empirical articles. I am intimately familiar with online libraries and research methods; conversely, due to limited exposure to statistics classes and programs I lack a basic understanding of how SPSS or data formatting programs operate. The focus of my graduate education was to learn how to investigate databases and web sites, review journal articles, empirical articles, create biased or unbiased stances, and support my stand points with graduate level reviews.

The Initiative

Over the past five years I have been working with multiple doctoral graduates to create a consulting business, begin to conduct research at New Mexico State, and become an active member of AASP. Due to the influence of many practitioners I joined the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and started to attend the annual conferences. During the conference activities I have been able to network and learn how to manage my family, schedule, academics, and coaching life. Creating an organized life will help me to manage my time, locate my resources quickly, and maintain a stable life personally and professionally.

Creating quality academic work has become easy due to time management, organization, and creating multiple spaces where I can spend time privately to complete my work. I have talked to my



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