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The Life Brought Within a Change

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Essay Preview: The Life Brought Within a Change

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Life is engaged with different possibilities brought by various changes. Progress is impossible without change. Many people succeed and reach their goals because along the way, there will always be a decision or an obstacle that makes one changes their mind. The process of change during progress can help improve relationships and bring about an improvement in ones beliefs.

The results that are produced by a change in course can help bring better relationships. In my swim team, swimmers have a certain race with five people to swim a relay. I was on a relay with people that I did not like and I refused to swim the event. However, there were no extras to substitute for me. My coach encouraged me that in order to win, I must change my opinion, change my attitude, and believe that the people on my team are different from what I used to think. I did exactly what he said and ended up winning the relay and rejoicing with the people I disliked.

I can be a stereotypical person. Last Christmas, I went on a mission trip Trinidad, to pay for people and share the gospel. My group was walking around a neighborhood and we came up to a dark alley. There were four huge black men, each holding a machete. I instantly thought, they have no will, and they might be dangerous. My pastor told us we have trust with us, let us part for them. I had to oppose my belief and change my thoughts about them. After a few prayers, all of them broke down crying and started expressing their emotions. I was shocked to hear some of their life stories, and I instantly felt ashamed. The change that I developed made me realize not to judge people so fast.

Humans are derived based on their personality and decisions. Our progress is determined by the opinions we make and change is what ensures it. Changes can help protect and secure new relationships, also improving the minds of certain people. Without change, life would be nothing except failures and mistakes.



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