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The Life of Pi

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This book is pretty oki. It's a book about a dude that goes places. Oh yah, there's also this tiger, and no it's not from Winnie the Pooh, it's a dangerous tiger. However, this mans manages to make the tiger his friend, and they live happily ever after. That is, until they find shore, cause then the tiger just runs off. Oops, I forgot to mention that they were originally on an animal transport boat that sank, so yep, that's that. Because of that, right after Pi saved himself by hopping on a life boat, there were a bunch of animals floating around trying to survive. It was a sad time my guy, and al those poor creatures sank, except for little old tiger of course, who was under a tarp in Pi's lifeboat. That was the only jump scare too, when Pi looked under the tarp, and BOOM, the tiger roars. Scary stuff breh. I almost forgot to mention that they had to survive while trying to figure out how to eat and drink and all that. They came across a few islands here and there, but they were super tiny, and had little to offer. But yah man, eventually they just came to shore on a big place, where Pi got saved by some dudes, and tiger bro ran off, breaking poor Pi's heart. Another thing before I finish, Pi can right out a ton of the number Pi from memory. Like, it's pretty whack, cause near the beginning of the movie, he's at school writing countless numbers, and the teacher if following along with a book with literally just the number pi in it. Pi gets to like 10,000 or something numbers breh, then the scene ends. But yee, that's all my guy.



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