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The Life of Pie

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The beast was unleashed, and the call of the wild was too strong for Buck to ignore. He had become the true killing machine. Everything he did was cause of the call of the wild. John Thornton's death was the trigger which fulfilled his calling. All animals had known and feared Buck up in the Klondike. Even the the miners and people of Dawson heard rumors of this wolf dog, whenever they heard stories about this great, voracious, and fierce wolf dog called Buck, especially to the natives; they had felt convulsive chills and would form a paleness upon their face.

Up in the indian village of the Yeehats, a boy who had just become a man through ceremony the night before prepared for battle. As he painted his face in the morning, two elders played music in his teepee around him singing, “HEE!HAW!HEE!HAW!” over and over again with drums. Another elder behind him dusted a white powder over his bare back. The boy only wore pants. He had no shirt on his back though it was below zero degrees. As he finished preparing, he stood up, and with great pride, walked to the Chief, waiting outside his tee pee. The boy knelt to the ground as the chief spoke these words, “ Two years ago your father was killed by the wolf dog, in return you will avenge the death of SnowBird, my dear brother. Now that you are a man, find this wolf dog and kill him Rolling Wind.”

Rolling Wind stood and yelled, “ Yes! I will slit the throat of the Wolf Dog!”

Then screams and cheers from all the natives in this village started. A bowl of red paint was brought to the Chief's hand, and so the Chief stuck his hand in the red bowl of paint, and touched Rolling Wind’s chest, where his heart was, leaving a red hand print.

“ Give him his spear, club, and bow,” commanded the chief as he lifted up his hand, directing it at Rolling Wind. Rolling Wind took his weapon, and ran off into the woods very quick, quiet, and nimble to the place where his father died. At the same time, Buck was on his way to pay tribute to where his loving master, John Thornton died also.

It was not only the place where his master died, but it was where the call of the wild was fulfilled. The true beast had aroused. This place was where the bonds were broken. Buck finally arrived to his destination, leaving his love or companion in charge of the pack. When he found where his master had died, he laid there and remanence his love and affection for him. In a few hours, Buck had heard a noise of a branch or twig being split in half. Buck sprung up alert for whatever lurked in the woods. Then it came at him, a man with a spear. Buck bit the spear in half, but luckily Rolling Wind had a club that he had taken out. Buck then remembered the law of club and fang so he cowered. Rolling Wind screamed,”Fight me! Let me revenge my father with honor!” Buck then forgot the law and attacked. On account if this,



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