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The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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Essay Preview: The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

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Fair Game.

From a story "The lottery" by Shirley Jackson , The story took place in a small town that had an annual local tradition called "the lottery" that had been practiced to ensure a good harvest. At the last round,Tessie Hatchinson got the marked slip that mean she got selected and for keeping the traditional each villager included her family members thrown a stone at her and the story end as Tessie was screaming " It isn't fair, it isn't right" while they were throwing stones at her.

This story has a really interesting plot which make the word " lottery" doesn't seem so good. The story tells you about some village traditional on June 27 and explain that everyone in the village have to participate even children also helped collecting stones. From that the writer told about how the tradition would be but didn't tell about the result of being selected by the lottery until almost the end of the story. The plot had twisted the ending which really surprise me because from the word " lottery" I would only think about how lucky would be to be selected.

Talk about Tessie Hatchinson, She is a wife of Bill Hatchinson. She came late on the lottery day because she forgot that it was June 27, It really show that she doesn't really care about this tradition. Tessie Hatchinson is really interesting mean character because after she arrived and joined with her family she didn't seem to care about the tradition also she even forgot the date of the lottory day but after her husband,Bill Hatchinson, when to secret the lottery and he got the paper with a mark with mean that her family got selected, she shouted to Mr.Summers " you didn't give him enough to take any paper he wanted. I saw you. It wasn't fair!", this make me thinks that if it wasn't her family who got selected would she be complaining about this at all, even though another villager said to her to be a good sport and her husband told her to shut up. After that everyone in hatchinson family have to select the paper one more time and the one who got the paper with the mark would be the one who get selected, which is Tessie Hatchinson, then Mr.Summers announced to everyone to finish the ritual quickly and everyone started throwing stones to Tessie Hatchinson while she shouted "It isn't fair, it isn't right". From this twisted ending make me think about Tessie Hatchinson character, if it wasn't her and it was some another villager who got selected would she be throwing a stone at him/her too or is she going to complain or try to stop people throwing the stone to the victim if she thought it wasn't a fair game or Tessie Hatchinson should just stop complaining and be a good sport like Mrs.Delacroix told her.



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